Digital Publishing (AKA E-Publishing) by Lynnette Phillips

By Lynnette Phillips
Remember the ‘80s? The typewriter was office high-tech, the typewriter was replaced by the word processor, then the first desktop publishing program was available to the masses and, unbeknownst to most, digital publishing had become part of our future.

A publishing revolution was in the offing and now, three decades later, market research predicts that half of all magazine and newspaper circulation will be via digital delivery by the end of 2015 and that half of all reading in the United States will be done without paper by 2015.

Being an author has never been easier. Sharing our messages, expertise and stories is only a brainstorm away. Our readers have become highly sophisticated in their expectations but the digital world gives us the tools we need to live up to their expectations.

Digital publishing not only involves the printed word but also permits us the use of audio, video, photography and graphics. Intermingle these features and meet readers’ entertainment and information expectations while advancing our own self-publishing and marketing goals.

What else can we do with e-Publishing?

The chances of digital publishing replacing traditional publishing completely are remote but it does present a cost‑effective means of communication.

  • Create e‑Books not only for fiction and non‑fiction tomes and distribute them to the masses but use them also to give away in your marketing endeavors as free PDF reports and teasers to entice purchases.
  • Produce brochures and sell‑sheets to have promotional information available on your website or blog.
  • Magnify your exposure and visibility by producing your own unique digital magazine or newspaper via or .
  • Use PowerPoint to create a presentation and download the results to You Tube or SlideShare.
  • Build a digital photo album or scrapbook; share your events by snapping shots at your appearances and storing them online using Flickr or placing the images on your website.
  • Record an audiobook using the free software program, Audacity; distribute it via MP3 or CD and sell promote it through iTunes or Amazon.
  • Blog about your book, events or writing life and share this on your website and social media platforms via RSS feeds.

Digital publishing gives us the versatility and ease we are looking for as authors while the internet allows us the ability to share and promote our visions efficiently and cost-effectively.

What a perfect time for authors to shine!



  1. Hi Lynnette, this is a great little article on how digital publishing can offer a multitude of options to authors. Indeed, digital publishing doesn’t limit itself to just the printed word but involves video, audio, graphics, photography and much more. Many methods are available to authors to help market books. — Eric

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